A Unique Profile
A Unique Profile

At Marc-André: le traiteur we firmly believe that the heart of every event resides in the product and the cooking of the chef. This is the reason why our clients benefit from a direct contact with the chef and his personal selection of collaborators. A strong collaboration allows us to create an event tailored specifically to your needs, and unique access to a team of experts assures an experience beyond your expectations.

Une cuisine d’auteur

Marc-André’s cuisine is refined, contemporary and accessible. He promotes the value of local talent and is uncompromising in his No-Processed Products approach. Excellence is expected in the flavours, produce, service and creative process.

Our Team

Our team is passionate and eager to share their creativity as well as their devotion to your event. We will collaborate with you to create a unique culinary experience that will engage all senses.

Well Rooted Values

Marc-André: le traiteur means constant evolution and adaptation, yet our core values remain the same.

Our aim is to transform your events into unique moments via our signature cuisine, precise service, unconventional artistic direction and made-to-measure approach. Our core values: creativity, excellence, passion and the ability to listen to our clients, allow us to delivery extraordinary results.